Welcome to Map Something, the project that encourages you to, well, map something. We want to help you map stuff, whether that means learning a simple tool for creating maps, integrating geographic data into your applications, or simply enjoying some of the wild and wonderful maps created by others.

Map Something is an open source project. We strive to use open source tools whenever possible, and we try to license everything we produce under an appropriate open source, open data, or open content license.

When we say “map making” we might mean a whole lot of different things. While some use the term GIS to describe a broad category of professional geo-experts, it can sometimes feel a bit exclusive. Everyone should feel empowered to make a map, regardless of their background and skill level. And that’s who the content this project produces is for: everyone.

Maps and working with map data ought to be open to everyone, regardless of what role they hold or what level of experience they have. We’re here to talk about maps, and data that can be put on a map. Let’s not get snotty about words.

Who are you?

This project was started by Jason Baker, but with the goal of becoming a community space that we can all feel ownership over. Speaking as “we” might be aspirational right now, but the goal is to become a participative, multi-contributor project.